SIEMENS Whether you are measuring liquids, slurries or bulk solids, Siemens provides the ideal level measuring instruments for every job. Our best-in-class level measurement devices set the standard in their respective disciplines for water, cement, mining, chemical, petrochemicals, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.   VEGA In continuous level measurement, the level of a medium in a tank or silo is detected with the help of different measuring methods and converted into an electronic signal. The level signal is either displayed directly on site or incorporated into a process control or management system. Typical applications for continuous level measurement are process tanks, storage tanks or silos in the process industry.   WIKA WIKA has a comprehensive range of level measuring instruments available for temperatures up to 1000 °F, densities from .35 SG and pressure ranges up to 5000 psi. WIKA’s level measurement instruments include: level transmitters, bypass level indicators, sight glass level indicators, magnetic float switches and optoelectronic switches. Custom designs are also available.   YAMATAKI,AZBIL These level gauges with macro processors drastically boost and sustain customer productivity by utilizing amassed past data along with providing excellent repeatability and stability.