DEIF has become a preferred control solution supplier to the biggest operators in the market not just because of our innovative, safe and reliable technology but because of our commitment in guiding you through all phases of your project, from specification to configuration and commissioning.

DEIF’s flexible product platform covers the full range of application possibilities. Most customers are able to install and commission our standard products working from data sheets only. But in cases of doubt, DEIF’s far-reaching network of subsidiaries, distributors, customer care teams, and technical support teams is available to assist you and ensure you invest in and implement the best controller for your application.



ENTES, one of the leading companies of the sector founded in 1980, manufactures devices and developes softwares with next generation production systems in its 12.000m2 modern facilities in Istanbul/Turkey. With its 350 employees and strong R&D, ENTES ranks among the most competitive industrial companies in Turkey engaged in power quality and energy, electrical measurement, power factor correction, remote monitoring and protection-control fields



Fuji Electric supplies diverse custoners in the fields of industry with productivity improvements,energy savings,and lifecycle services for production lines and infrastructure equipment such as measuring instruments and sensors.



Terasaki offers a high performance cost effective solution to power management of electrical distribution networks.
The TEMA multifunction analyser is much more than a meter, it allows the monitoring of all electrical parameters to be centralised. This enables the comparison and analysis of power distribution networks it also allows the measurement of the main electrical parameters of an electrical distribution network. The selection of the parameters (over 30) can be easily visualised help of a clear and concise LED display.