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Electropneumatic SA is proud to announce her sought participation in Posidonia 2018 exhibition in Athens that took place on the 4 – 8 June 2018. Posidonia exhibition had its own success one more time having more than 20.000 visitors and our stand welcomed hundreds of them. Captains, Superintendents Engineers, Ship Owners and many more visited us in this exhibition in our home land and had time on our presented technology. Electropneumatic SA was proud to present live and real consoles having actual hardware with in house developed Vessel Control Systems: – Dolphin Vessel Performance System – Maneuvering & Steering Gear – Alarm Monitoring System – Vibration System (SCM) – Bow Thrusters All visitors had the opportunity to work on the very same systems as in a vessel. They felt how is the actual control but in a very safe environment. On the consoles a visitor could take the control of the M/E, work with the levers and see the propellers rotating, push buttons to take control, touch the screens to check D/Gs running condition or be notified by an alarm so to acknowledge. Our visitors also witnessed the transparency of our detailed work. The quality of the internal wirings, the quality of “internal hardware and technology”, the brand of the hardware and even provisions for proper air ventilation. A warm smile, free iced or hot coffee made our visitors into our guest and all left with a smile to continue their tour in Posidonia 2018 exhibition. Our team would like to thank all of you for your presence in our stand and we look forward to seeing you in Posidonia 2020!