Proximity Sensors Inductive Stainless Steel Housing Types IA, Ø6.5
• Miniature Ø6.5 stainless steel housing
• Short housing
• Sensing distance: 1.0 and 2.0 mm
• Power supply: 10 to 30 VDC
• Output: Transistor NPN/PNP, normally open or normally closed
• Protection: Short-circuit and reverse polarity
• LED-indication for output ON
• For flush mounting/non flush mounting
• 2 m PVC cable
Product Description
Ordering Key IA 06BSF 10NO
Inductive proximity sensor in Ø6.5stainlesssteelhousing for flush or non-flush mount- ing in metal.
Output configuration for NPN/PNP with both NO and NC types as standard. Con- nection with 2 m PVC cable.
Housing style Housing size Housing material Housing length Detection principle Sensing distance Output type
Output configuration
Type Selection
Rated Conn.Ordering no.Ordering no. Ordering no.Ordering no. operating typeTransistor NPNTransistor NPN Transistor PNPTransistor PNP dist. (Sn) Normally open Normally closed Normally open Normally closed
1.0 mm 1)CableIA06BSF10NO IA06BSF10NC IA06BSF10POIA06BSF10PC
2.0 mm 2)CableIA06BSN20NO IA06BSN20NCIA06BSN20PO IA06BSN20PC
1) For flush mounting
2) For non flush mounting
Rated operational volt. (UB) 10 to 30 VDC (ripple included)
Ripple ≤ 10%
Rated operational current (Ie)
Continuous≤ 200 mA
No-load supply current (Io) ≤ 10 mA (ON)
Voltage drop (Ud) < 1.0 V (@ Imax)
Protection Short-circuit, reverse polarity
Frequency of operating
cycles (f)2 kHz
Indication for output ONLED, red
Effective operating dist. (Sr)0.9 x Sn ≤ Sr ≤ 1.1 x Sn Usable operating dist. (Su) 0.85 x Sr ≤ Su ≤ 1.15 x Sr Ambient temperature
Operating-25° to +70°C (-13° to +158°F)
Storage -30° to +75°C (-22° to +167°F)
Degree of protectionIP 67 (Nema 1, 3, 4, 6, 13)
Housing materialStainless steel
Connection 2 m, PVC, oil proof
Specifications are subject to change without notice (20.10.11) 1