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Doosan Governor Control Unit DGC-2013 Replace DGC-2007


DGC-2013 Governor controller unit is an electronic device designed to control Engine speed with fast and precise
response to transient load changes which is based on PID algorithm. The device is composed of a Main Controller with
the function of single operation (Isochronous mode) and parallel operation (Droop mode), and with an Auxiliary Controller
enabling the emergency operation in case of malfunction of the main controller.
Mounting & Warning
Mount the controller unit vertically to the surface of a control cabinet, protected from the weather and high
humidity, and do not expose the controller unit to the source of radiant heat.
Do not rely exclusively on the governor system electric actuator to prevent overspeed. A secondary shutoff device,
such as a fuel solenoid must be used.
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
To satisfy EMC requirements, the controller unit should be mounted on the grounded metal side, and it is required to
use shielded wires for all signal lines and ground all the shields to one of the bolts used to mount the controller.
<< Auxiliary (Emergency) Control mode>>
Em. Speed : Engine Speed adjustment pot in case of “Auxiliary Controller mode”.
Em. Test : Test push button for “Auxiliary Controller mode”.
Jumper Wire : To be cut off in case of “Auxiliary Controller mode”.
Em. SW : Selector switch between “Main controller mode” and “Auxiliary Controller mode”.
OFF : Main controller mode ON : Auxiliary Controller mode