Product Details

Dual Channel Transformer Isolated Barrier 230Vac

Designed to transfer digital signals away from hazardous areas, intrinsically safe galvanic isolation units predominantly used to interface between safe/hazardous area control and measurement circuits.

Input circuits are suitable for the connection of proximity sensors to DIN 19234/NAMUR (see Sensors/Transducers Section)
Alternatively, appropriately wired mechanical contacts may be used
Dimensions: H92.5 x W20 x D110mm

Dual Channel Transformer Isolated Barrier, 230Vac supply – KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W (stock no. 339-5525)
Supply Voltage Range 207V to 253Vac
Max. Current Consumption ≤1.3W
Input NO contact x 2
Output Relays x 2
Relay Contact Configuration Form ’C’ CO x 2
Relay Contact Rating 2A, 253Vac/40Vdc (resistive load)
Relay Operating Time ≈20ms
Relay Release Time ≈20ms
Switching Hysteresis ≈0.2mA