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Phoenix Contact 5.08mm CLIPLINE SKBI 32 Series Plug-in Card Terminal Block Adapter

5.08mm CLIPLINE SKBI 32 series 32 way plug-in card terminal block adapters for european format cards in accordance with IEC 6063-2/DIN 41612. These 5.08mm CLIPLINE SKBI 32 series plug-in card adapters convert from a 32 way, 2 row terminal block with a 12 – 24 AWG screw connection to a 32 way card edge connector and have guide rails and engagements latches.
Stock number 804-5395 is a 32 way type B adapter
Stock number 504-5405 is a 32 way type F adapter with rows z and b loaded.
A snap-on foot is also available for mounting the plug-in adapters either horizontally or vertically onto NS 35/7.5-DIN rail, see stock numbers 804-5402 and 804-5391