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Pressure Transmitter Honeywell STG944 Gauge All Intelligent is a microprocessor-based intelligent transmitter. Honeywell ST3000 series single flange transmitter is a microprocessor-based intelligent transmitter, the latest R300 version, to enhance the transmitter accuracy, reliability and long-term stability indicators. It can measure a variety of liquid and gas differential pressure, flow, pressure or level, and output the corresponding 4 ~ 20mA analog and digital signals. Its unique temperature and static pressure error automatic correction function to make it meet the harsh environment.

1. Advanced sensor technology:
2. High reliability: Mean time between failures 470 years.
3. High stability: ± 0.015% / year.
4. High precision: ± 0.065%.
5 Wide measuring range:
STG9440 ~ 3.5MPa
STG9740 ~ 21MPa
6. Complete specifications:
The liquid part has a variety of anti-corrosion materials, to meet the conditions of the use of various conditions
7. With a variety of intrinsically safe and flameproof certification.
8. Optional HART protocol.
9. Optional fieldbus (FF) communication protocol.
10. Use the field communicator or MCT multi-protocol communicator to achieve the ST3000 transmitter configuration, checksum fault diagnosis.
11. Configuration via SCT configuration tool via a portable computer.
12. Digital integration with Honeywell ExperionPK Distributed Control System.
13. Small size, light weight: 4.1Kg.