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We are Approved Solution Partners of Siemens and fully trained in the application, engineering and commissioning of fire alarm systems.

Cerberus PRO – True open protocol fire safety products

 CerberusPro provides innovative fire safety and emergency evacuation systems.

  • Powerful and easy to operate fire control panels

  • Compact panels for fire detection and extinguishing control

  • Fire detectors with deception-free technologies

  • A wide range of peripheral devices

  • Reliable detectors for special applications

  • Intelligent danger management systems for any requirement

  • Native BACnet connection providing true open protocol integration with other systems including BMS, Security, Plant and Lighting control systems

  • ASA smoke detection ensuring virtually no false alarms

  • Clever panels with in built remote diagnostics and servicing enhancements

The fire protection system Cerberus PRO includes:

  • Fire Control Panels – with intelligent technology for powerful protection

  • Fire Detectors – that ensure fast, reliable detection with patented technology

  • Peripheral Devices – for comprehensive fire safety

Fire Control Panels – Intelligent Technology for Comprehensive Safety

Cerberus™ PRO control panels and fire terminals are the ideal choice for a variety of applications.They are easy and intuitive to operate. These panels provide customized instruction texts in the event of an alarm,  providing the quick and appropriate action to save lives and assets.

The Cerberus PRO control panel family comprises:

  • A stand-alone control panel for smaller applications

  • Networkable control panels for a variety of applications

  • A networkable fire terminal for operation remote from the control panel

Cerberus PRO Fire Detectors – Fast,Reliable Detection with Patented Technology

Cerberus PRO provides detectors for different applications. Thanks to their intelligent technology, the detectors quickly and reliably analyze the main criteria for fire, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. Siemens unique ASAtechnology™ also provides protection against false alarms, even in demanding environments. This ensures business continuity without unnecessary and costly interruptions – and increased fire safety for people and assets.