ELECTROPNEUMATIC S.A. boasts a significant team of expert electrical engineers, automation engineers, joiners, electricians, stainless steel & steel fabricators, pneumatic & hydraulics engineers. Our fully trained and experienced workforce can carry out repair and refurbishment work on your vessel, in or out of the water. ELECTROPNEUMATIC S.A. is fully equipped to meet your needs and ensure your vessel is back in the water. In addition to structural and cosmetic ship repairs, we can also complete electronic, electrical or pneumatic & hydraulic repairs. Unlike others, our expertise extends across areas such as stainless steel fabrication and machinery fabrication, so you can rely on us to complete all necessary ship repairs from our site in Piraeus/Greece. If we find a different fault whilst we’re repairing your vessel, we will provide you with a quote before we undertake the work. If required, a written quotation can also be provided before the work is undertaken.