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Electrical Panels

Electropneumatic has set up a state-of-the-art Electrical Panel Manufacturing Unit to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Our unit is dedicated to crafting top-quality products and reliable equipment specifically tailored to the unique requirements of Electropneumatic’s clients. One of the key features of our marine electrical & industrial panels is their robust construction. They are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the open sea or the extremities of a factory unit, including exposure to saltwater or water, extreme temperatures and vibrations. This durability is essential to ensure uninterrupted power distribution and prevent electrical failures that could jeopardize the operations. We, also, guarantee swift deliveries and competitive pricing.

We source panel enclosures and materials from the world’s most renowned electrical manufacturing companies, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Each panel we produce is a cohesive and functional system, verified through rigorous testing conducted by Europe’s foremost testing centers. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

Electropneumatic ensures long-term support for components used in previously manufactured panels, thanks to meticulous record-keeping. Our partnership with industry leaders such as SIEMENS and the usage of top materials from ABB & SCHNEIDER guarantees the exceptional quality and performance of our products.

At the Electrical Panel Manufacturing Unit of Electropneumatic, we are dedicated to designing, producing, and delivering top-notch equipment and services to our customers. Our implemented Quality Assurance System not only meets but exceeds all safety and quality standards outlined in European and Greek legislation. Quality control is integrated at every stage of our product manufacturing process, ensuring the highest standards of excellence.

Our company manufactures Control Panels according to the necessity of applications such as:

• Marine ac Circuit Breaker panel
• Collection of signals for Monitoring in Control or locally
• Protection Alarm Indications.
• Creation of automations and new functions.
• Enhancements to existing automations with Plc.
• Replacement of old tables.
• Electronic instruments
• Inverter for pump motors
• High pressure hydraulic units