SKU: MPR32 M3568
  • Un: 95 – 270 V AC/DC
  • f: 50/60 Hz
  • V in: 10 – 300 V AC (L-N) / 10 – 480 VAC (L-L)
  • I in: 0,05 – 5,5 A

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MPR-3 series analyzers are 3 phase network analyzers. They are microprocessor-based devices designed to measure all parameters of an electrical network, calculate consumptionand display them on the LCD screen. Thanks to the RTC clock chip and flash memory on the device, the operations performed by the operator such as interruption records, time and setting changes, reset operations are recorded in real time. These records can be remotely read and monitored with Modbus RTU protocol over RS485 communication line.The current connection is made by connecting to a 1A or 5A secondary current transformer,depending on the selected model, or to a current transformer with mV voltage output withRJ-45 connector.The connection control function should be used against the problem of exposed live ends that may occur due to possible rupture in the terminals. UN: 95-270VAC .. Vin: 100..300

  • Dimensions:72×72
  • Voltage Measuring Input Terminal (4 pin) : L1 L2 L3 ve N 2. 95-270 VAC/DC
  • Supply Input Triple Terminal (2 pin)
  • Digital Input / Output quad Terminal (4 pin)
  • RS-485 triple Terminal (2 pin)
  • Current Measuring Input Terminal (6 pin) : L1 L2 L3